Huron East likes hybrid meeting schedule

Huron East council has approved a motion to change the way it schedules and conducts council meetings.

Mayor Bernie MacLellan says the motion that was passed will, at this time, allow for the first meeting of each month to be a virtual meeting.

He says they've been able get their business done with virtual meetings.

"We've been basically getting the business done and it will save the ratepayers some money if they're not paying mileage to and from the council meetings. But the second meeting of the month will be in person,” said MacLellan.

And if they need members of the public at a meeting, or if members of the public need to see them, they'll always try to schedule them for the second meeting of the month.

He notes they have enough space in chambers to properly space council members and a few members of the public. If there is the need to accommodate more members of the public at a meeting, they'll bring them in in groups as needed.

MacLellan says the combination of meetings does have the potential to evolve into full-time, in person meetings, but he points out, that's not a given.

Adding if they can continue to accomplish everything they want to, they may decide to continue with one virtual meeting each month which could also solve some problems during difficult weather conditions in the winter.

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