SIU closes investigation into Hanover incident

The Special Investigations Unit, or SIU, will not continue its investigation after a 33-year old man suffered serious injuries in Hanover.

The SIU was called in late January after a man fell through the roof of a greenhouse at John Diefenbaker Secondary School.

In a release, the SIU says the man was in lawful custody at Hanover and District Hospital on January 23 under the Mental Health Act. He was able to get out of the hospital and made his way to the school. As a police cruiser approached, the man climbed to the top of the greenhouse.

That's when a glass panel gave way and the man fell to the floor.

He move himself from there to the school's basement where he tried to hide but was taken back into custody by Hanover Police Services and taken back to the hospital.

SIU Director Joseph Martino stated in the release that based on the SIU's preliminary inquiries, he is satisfied there is patently nothing to investigate as far as the potential criminal liability of any police officer is concerned in connection with the man's injury.

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