Concerns about overflowing garbage at Goderich beaches. (Submitted photo)Concerns about overflowing garbage at Goderich beaches. (Submitted photo)

Garbage being left on Goderich beaches

The executive director for the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation says she was a little disappointed by the amount of garbage that is being left on the beaches now that they're open.

Erinn Lawrie said a lot of it has been single-use plastics.

"There were a lot of single-use plastic water bottles. There were pop cans and drink bottles and all sorts of things I would like to see people maybe bring home with them and recycle it rather than just putting it into a trash can. So that would be really nice," said Lawrie.

Lawrie said she would appreciate people treating beaches they way they've been encouraged to treat parks and this is whatever they bring with them, they take home with them.

"We've seen a lot of recyclables and single-use plastics being thrown away and really we want people to start looking at ways they can cut back on plastics use and they hopefully there won't be as much garbage to begin with that we have to deal with on our beaches," added Lawrie.

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