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Banning Plastic Straws Welcomed By Lake Huron Centre

A coastal technologist with the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation says the proposal by Britain to ban plastic straws is a great idea.

Tineasha Brenot hopes more countries will follow suit.

"Every kind of action toward reducing plastic pollution globally is going to be a great step in that direction," says Brenot. "So putting a ban in place is going to be a definite win in terms of trying to reduce and phase out some of these single-use plastic items."

She says people need to be educated about the damage some of the things we do on a daily base can have on our environment but she believes people are beginning to think about some of their choices.

"There's always these really great, creative, marketable products that you can do, and they're becoming very trendy as well so, here at the Coastal Centre, as a way to try and combat single-use straws we are actually selling our glass reusable straws," she says.

Brenot hopes the glass straws catch on so that eventually no one will want to use plastic straws.

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