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Bruce Peninsula A Key For Conservation Group

With the new federal budget released last week, the Nature Conservancy of Canada was hopeful that funding would be implemented toward more conservation efforts in coastal and forested areas.

Nicole Senyi, the communications manager for the NCC in Ontario, says the investment shows the government cares about the work being done to maintain crucial natural habitats.

"We're so happy that the government is investing $1.3-billion over the next five years. It really confirms their commitment to protect our lands, waters and our species," she says.

Senyi notes the Lake Erie and Bruce Peninsula coastal areas are two major areas that will be focused on.

"Those are definitely places we want to continue to work, to advance conservation and to continue to protect the best of what we have. We've lost so many great natural resources; coastal areas, wetlands, forests, and we really need to protect what's left, and hopefully, this money will help us do that," she says.

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