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Taking Water From Great Lakes Still A Contentious Issue

A water campaigner with the Council of Canadians says the Strengthening the Great Lakes Commons Summit, held in Flint, Michigan over the weekend was a very positive experience.

Delegates from that conference are in the process of creating a coalition to continue fight companies like Nestle.

Emma Lui points to the lead poisoning in Flint and cut-offs in Detroit as well as the lack of clean drinking water for Indigenous communities in Ontario, while companies like Nestle are allowed to take water from the Great Lakes and sell it around the world.

She says it doesn't make sense that people living around the Great Lakes don't have access to that water but Nestle does.

She also points out that in the case of Nestle, the two permits that allow them to take water in Ontario have both expired, but the province allows them to continue and she hopes that will become part of the discussion leading up to next year's provincial election.

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