Union Gas Expansion Will Benefit Meaford, Says Mayor

Meaford's mayor says that if the Province gives Union Gas the go-ahead to extend its gas line to more than 200 homes in Sunnyside Beach it will be a win-win outcome for everyone in the Municipality.

Barbara Clumpus says the 200 plus homeowners at Sunnyside Beach will certainly come out winners.

"Those homeowners will be able to hook up to a more affordable energy source than they're using now, be it electricity, propane or whatever."

Clumpus said the environment would be another winner because burning natural gas creates less carbon dioxide and thus a lower level of greenhouse gas.

Clumpus added that Meaford would also benefit from the increased assessment of the homes that hook up to natural gas- though not for the first 10 years after the hookups.

She explained that by voting to support Union Gas' application- like they did Monday night, Meaford is committing itself to keep down the assessment of each home in Sunnyside Beach for 10 years.

This is one of the terms under Ontario's gas grant program.

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