More Studies On Proposed DGR In Bruce County

The federal government will be getting more information from Ontario Power Generation about a proposed deep geologic repository in Bruce County.

Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna had asked for more information last year.

OPG says it will complete three more studies on the proposed DGR:

- OPG will assess the environmental effects of two technically and economically feasible locations in Ontario for a new nuclear waste disposal facility. One assessment will consider a similar DGR in a sedimentary rock formation located in southern Ontario. The second will consider a similar DGR in a granite rock formation located in central to northern Ontario. Specific locations will not be identified.

- An updated analysis of the cumulative environmental effects of the project considering the results from preliminary assessments undertaken by the Nuclear Waste Management Organization for used fuel. OPG will further study the cumulative effects assuming a used fuel repository is sited within the DGR study area.

- OPG will undertake a review of its mitigation commitments and all mitigating actions.

The studies are expected to be done by December 31, 2016.

Kevin Powers is a spokesperson for OPG. He points out while this is another step in the process, they still have to apply for licenses to start any work.

"We do plan to have these studies complete by the end of the year at which point we will submit them to the minister," says Powers. "Exactly where it goes from there will be up to the minister and Canadian Environmental Assessment Association.

The DGR would store waste 680 m underground.

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