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24 hour ATV challenge success at Varney Speedway

Lisa Whiteman, the woman who set out to break a world record for longest distance travelled on a snowmobile, was able to adapt and alter her challenge due to a lack of snow leading up to her event on February 17 at the Varney Speedway.

Rather than doing an anticipated snowmobile ride, Whiteman made the decision to switch to an ATV ride, in order to prevent damage to her snowmobile.

"We didn't want to do it on a snowmobile because after hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of laps, it would have not been feasible," she said. "A brand new snowmobile I would have ended up overheating and it would have iced up. The conditions would have deteriorated pretty quickly."

After all was said and done, Whiteman ended up riding a total of 1023 kilometres in 24 hours.

"I wanted to ensure that I was over 1000 kilometres," said Whiteman. "That way I can match my own personal record on a snowmobile to the kilometers on an ATV, which is much more feasible. In my mind, although there wasn't a record to beat, anything less than 1000 kilometres was a failure."

In the last hour of the event, the pressure was put on. Whiteman was told she needed 22 laps to reach her goal. Up until then, she said she was averaging about 18 to 20 laps an hour.

In that last hour, she managed to achieve her best lap time, shaving up to a minute off some laps. Whiteman ended up doing 25 laps to cap off her record.

In total, she single-handedly raised over $10,000, going towards sending underprivileged kids to camp, along with 75 pounds of food being donated to the food bank.

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