Grey County Warden Brian Milne and Clerk Tara Warder at the December 5 meeting. (Photo courtesy of Grey County)

Milne acclaimed as Grey County Warden

Brian Milne will serve as Grey County's Warden for the second straight year, after being acclaimed to the role at Tuesday night's meeting.

The Mayor of Southgate was nominated by representatives from Blue Mountain, Mayor Andrea Matrosovs and Deputy Mayor Peter Bordignon.

Milne accepted the role as the lone nominee, saying he will gladly continue to lead a council that puts Grey County first.

"My experience as Warden during the past year is that this Council is up to the challenge. This Council understands the importance of working together," said Milne. "We need to be tireless advocates for Grey County. That includes holding other levels of government accountable. We must challenge when necessary. As Warden I will do that whether it is as a member of the Western Ontario Wardens Caucus, at Queens Park or at Parliament Hill."

This will be Warden Milne’s third term as Warden, first serving in 2014, then again in 2023.

Paul McQueen will also continue to serve as Grey County’s Deputy Warden in 2024.

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