Saugeen Shores unveils Master Drainage Plan for water management

The Town of Saugeen Shores has introduced a new Master Drainage Plan.

The initiative has been in the works since 2019, and targets the elimination of drainage challenges across several, diverse areas.

The plan encompasses overland sheet flow, natural water courses, municipal drains, and more. Segmented into four primary Drainage Study Areas, it scrutinizes the flow of drainage into the Saugeen River and Lake Huron.

The Master Drainage Plan acts as a guide for individual projects within a comprehensive drainage strategy. It not only identifies but plans for continuous drainage enhancements, incorporating periodic reviews scheduled every five years.

The Town conducted a recent Public Information Centre (PIC No.2) on October 4, 2023. During this event, citizens had the opportunity to scrutinize the Master Drainage Plan (Version 2). The latest draft (Version 3) is now accessible for public review.

Feedback is still encouraged, and residents can submit written comments to the Project Team by January 12, 2024. Council will consider these comments during the approval process.

For access to the updated Master Drainage Plan and comprehensive project details, residents can visit the Town Office or click here.

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