Bonnie Crombie was selected as the leader of the Ontario Liberal party. (Photo courtesy of OntarioLiberalTV/Youtube)

Bonnie Crombie chosen as next Ontario Liberal leader

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie has been selected the next leader of the Liberal party.

After three rounds of vote counting, Crombie was announced as the winner at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

She edged out Nate Erskine-Smith, the MP for Beaches-East York; Yasir Naqvi, the MP for Ottawa Centre; and Ted Hsu MPP for Kingston and the Islands.

In the first round of balloting, Crombie collected 43% of the vote. After Hsu was eliminated and the votes were re-distributed, she sat at 46.7% of the vote. Once Naqvi was removed in the next round, Crombie was able to collect the 6,471 points necessary for a win, beating Erskine-Smith who collected 46.6% of the vote.

"This is such an honour, thank you for your faith in my," said Crombie during her acceptance speech. "Thank you for believing in what we are going to build together. Thank you for taking the spark and turning it into a big red flame here today. There is no question, being an Ontario Liberal is back."

Crombie will now face off with Doug Ford in the 2026 election.

"Ford and his Conservative cronies have been the opponents in all of our sights for this entire campaign," she said. "Doug Ford and his Conservative government haven't just lost touch with the people of this province, they've deliberately ignored people's needs... People across Ontario are ready for a government that prioritizes things that you want."

She replaces Steven Del Duca, who led a disastrous 2022 campaign, that resulted in the party winning just eight seats.

Ottawa South MPP John Fraser served as interim leader after Del Duca stepped down in June 2022.

Despite signing up over 100,000 members, the party says voter turnout was low, with around 23% taking part.

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