Bruce County council reviews draft budget

Bruce County Councillors are going over the numbers after tabling the draft 2023-2027 Capital and Operating Budget for review at the Corporate Services Committee Meeting.

Proposed capital spending in 2023 will increase from $10.2 million to $12.2 million. The proposed operating budget will see an increase from $46.3 million to $51.6 million. The County is making key investments in paramedic services, long-term care, infrastructure, and housing facilities.

Budget discussions will last into February, and the numbers could change at council's direction. The budget could be approved in February or March.

Some key initiatives for 2023 include $10.8 million toward paramedic vehicles, including at the Port Elgin Paramedic Station. The draft showed $1.7 million more could be invested into long term care, and $300,000 will help modernize internet and mobile charging for long-term care. Another $5.6 million is being suggested for road, culvert and bridge repairs and replacement along with $10 million for ongoing Paisley bridge replacement costs. The draft budget sets aside $2.8 million for housing facilities repairs and replacements.

“Bruce County Council will review this 2023 draft budget over the next few weeks. Infrastructure upgrades and support services continue to be key priorities for Bruce County and are strongly reflected in this draft budget," said Warden Chris Peabody. "Council will look for opportunities to continue the County down a fiscally responsible path while also encouraging economic recovery. Thank you to County staff for the hard work and prudent planning that went into building this draft budget.”

People can learn about the 2023-2027 draft corporate budget at The county said multi-year budgeting is not only the best way to plan for spending, it is also encouraged by the Province to help ensure resources are available to meet the County’s strategic plans and goals.

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