File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / wallbanger.File photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / wallbanger.

Owen Sound Winter Operations underway

Owen Sound’s Public Works Division began seasonal Winter Control Operations earlier this week, just in time for some snowfall expected this weekend.

Owen Sound is among the top ten municipalities in Ontario for annual snowfall.  The city sees an on average of 330 centimetres per year.

The city maintains 282 lane kilometres of roadways and 100 kilometres of sidewalks during the winter.

Winter Control offers 24-hour per day, 7-day per week coverage during the winter months, as crews work to keep roads, walkways, and parking lots clear and meet Ontario Minimum Maintenance Standards.

Overnight parking restrictions will come into effect on Thursday, December 1, 2022. It is also illegal for people to deposit snow on roadways.  Parents are being asked to remind their kids of the dangers of playing on or in snowbanks along the streets.

When it comes to garbage and recycling, residents are urged to put their collectible materials at the end of the driveway, to keep them off the roadway.

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