Blackburn News file photo.Blackburn News file photo.

Unique housing considered by Huron County Council

Huron County council has asked staff to come back to council with a report that will provide more information on a housing presentation that was made to council this week.

Warden Glen McNeil says the presentation was on a very innovative, unique housing model that is completely carbon-neutral and would provide an opportunity for housing for a single person or a couple. The presentation was made by representatives of Cabinscape Inc and RAW Design and McNeil points out, the homes would be produced in Clinton.

McNeil says the biggest demand for housing right now is for single people or couples, but the presentation emphasizes the need for housing of all kinds in the county. McNeil says the county definitely needs housing for single people and couples, as well as other types of housing for families and so council is looking at all options and they'll make a decision on this particular option, as well as some others, when a report comes back from staff.


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